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Labradorite Bianca, a truly unique rare exotic white labradorite granite is available exclusively only in our quarry in the world. These truly distinctive rare granite deposits are quarried in the remote South-western regions of Madagascar from where it is exported to the Italian and American markets. Labradorite Bianca granite spells luxury and opulence when used in any interior design space. Our quarry has abundant deposits of purest white labradorite granite, a plagioclase feldspar which can meet the world market demand for the next 50 + years. The quarry can produce up to 3000 tons of purest white semi-precious labradorite granite per year. We select only the finest pockets from which the best Labradorite Bianca blocks are extracted. Quality checks are carried on to select only the top blocks of the highest quality and color to be supplied to our customers worldwide. This stone is truly a mother earth’s gift to the luxury natural stone industry.

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